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More about David Drayton Brooks

David Drayton Brooks and his family while living in Modoc, what was then Edgefield County, South Carolina, attended the Modoc Baptist Church during the 1880s and 1890s.

On a trip to the Tompkins Memorial Library in Edgefield, South Carolina, doing genealogy, I found the records of the Modoc Baptist Church on microfilm and I transcribed from the record the part the Brooks' played in their religious life at this time. Below is my transcription from the microfilm:

Membership of the Modoc Baptist Church (after 1887??)

Page 7

Thomas Howl Sen. + (dead)
Martha Howl + (dead)
J. W. Shumate +
Obedience Shumate +
Nicholas Chadwick + (dismissed Sep. 8, 1888)
J. C. Harvley + (dismissed)
S. C. Harvley + (dismissed)
Bessie Harvley + (dismissed Mar 1891)
J. T. Reese +
Sallie McDaniels +
Matilda Vance + (dismissed by letter June 12, 1892)
Deacon P. R. Wates + (dismissed Feb 8, 1890)
Mary M. Wates + (dismissed " " )
Martha Glanton + (dead)
Mattie Bussey + (dead)
Jeff Shelton
Lizzie Glanton (now Roper)
Aggie Howl (dismissed by letter May 8, 1892)
Irvin Gullage (dead)
Calvin Reddy
Annie Gullage (expelled June 11, 1887)
Sussie Douglas
Betsy Howl (dead)
Ann Howl (dismissed by letter May 8, 1892)
Lizzie Shelton +
D. D. Brooks (dismissed)
Mrs. D. D. Brooks (dead, died July 6th 1892)
Mrs. Coleman (dead)
Maggie Brooks (now Howle)
Bettie Brooks Thurmond (dead)
Lizzie Brooks (srb's notes, i.e. Martha Elizabeth Morgan who married William H. Brooks)

Those marked thus + are the members…which this church was constituted…

Page 8
When received
H. Coleman
H. Gullage
Catherine Gullage
Charlotte Gullage
Annie Parker
Fannie Howl
J. J. McGlainmery
Henry Howl (dismissed by letter May 8, 1892)
Levie Douglas
Josephine Douglas
Deacon W. S. Howard Dec 28, 1884
D. by Request Feb 14, 1892

Page 10
Names of Members when received

May Wates (Dorn) Sep 11, 1887
Ella Smith " "
Annie Burnette " "
Winchester McDaniels " "
W. H. Brooks " "
H. T. Jennings Feb 11, 1888
Sarah Jennings " "
Katie Gulledge Aug 16 1888 (dismissed by letter)
Sallie Young " " (dismissed by letter)
William Young " " (Expelled)
Mattie Howel (Hornsby) " "
Carrie Crofford (Wates) " "
Florence Quarles
Savannah Stone
Mary Gulledge
Tommie Jennings Feb 14, 1892 (name eraced by request)
A. V. Bussey Oct. 12, 1889
G. W. Hammilton
J. B. Tutt Nov. 9, 1889 (dismissed by letter)
Sarah V. Tutt " " (d. by letter)
Jennie Tutt " " (d. by letter)
J. P. Moore Feb 14, 1892 (d. by request)
Virginia McDaniel " "
J. M. Holson Oct. 12, 1892
Mary Holson " "
Alice Collier Oct. 26, 1890
Robert Shumate " "
Lulu Howl " "
Mamie Collier " "
A. P. Douglass Feb. 14, 1892 (d. by request)
Charly Wood Aug 13, 1892
J. W. Brooks Aug 15, 1892
W. H. Bussey Aug 15, 1892
Millidge Ren…? Aug 15, 1892

Page 12

Names when rec'd

Revised Membership of Modoc Baptist Church March 4, 1893

J. W. Shumate 1
Mrs. Obedience Shumate 2
Deacon Nicholas Chadwick
Mrs. Annie Chadwick
Deacon J. C. Harvley
Mrs. S. C. Harvly
J. T. Reese 3
Mrs. S. C. McDaniel
Mrs. M. T. Bussey
W. H. Bussey
Mrs. Sarah Ann Howle when dismissed 4
Mrs. Ann Holmes June 1893
Miss Eliza Holmes " "
Mrs. Ella Red
Mrs. Maude Bussey 5
Sussie Douglass 6
Lizzie Shelton 7
D. D. Brooks
Mrs. Maggie Howle 8
H. Coleman 9
Mrs. Catherine Gulledge
Louis Douglass 10
Mrs. Josephine Douglass 11
Deacon George Crawford
Mrs. Mary Crawford 12
Miss Lizzie Crawford 13 Beasley now
Mrs. Kate Moore 14
Miss Eliza Crawford 15
Mrs. Emma? Sharpton
Robert Sharpton
Mrs. Georgia Reese 16
Mrs. Huldah Blair 17
Miss Sue Jennings Park
Miss Minnie Holmes

Unnumbered page

Name when rec'd
W. H. Brooks
H. T. Jennings
Mrs. Sarah Jennings
Mrs. Katie Gulledge
Mrs. Mattie Hornsby
Miss Carrie Crawford (Wates)
Miss Savannah Stone
A. V. Bussey
Deacon G. W. Hamilton
Mrs. Virginia McDaniel
J. M. Holson
Mrs. Mary Holson
Miss Lula Howle
Charlie Wood
Mrs. Lula Wood
J. W. Brooks
Millage Renew(sp)
H. M. Harvley

Page 24

Feb 21st (1887?)

Preaching by the Pastor Bro. Bussey - from James 5 Chapter & 15 verse - Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another" After preaching Church went in conference. Opened the door of the Church for the reception of members - received none. Heard the reading and approved the minutes of last conference. Bro. H. Coleman confessed to the Church that he had been in disorder and asked to be forgiven which was unanimously granted. The committee on letting the keeping of the house not being present, it was moved & carried, that they be requested to report tomorrow. It was moved and carried that the Clerk be required to keep a list of the members present at each conference. Bro. P. R. Wates submitted the following resolution and moved to its adoption…

Unnumbered page

Feb 11 (1888?)

Our pastor being absent on account of his being sick by request of the brethren Bro P. R. Wates acted moderator protem. 1st opened door of church for reception of members, received H. T. Jennings and wife Sarah Jennings by letter from Parksville Church. Bro. H. T. Burnett stated that he had seen Willie L. Howle and that he said the he was sorry for what he had done and asked the Chruch to forgive him, he was forgiven. Bro C. J. Holmes stated that the committee on letting house had let the keeping of the church this to Bro. A. P. Douglas for four dollars. Bro. G. W. Crawford stated that Sister Martin had written to him to apply for letters of dismission for herself & son John Martin. They were granted by motion. Bro. C. J. Holmes conference adjourned.

P. R. Wates Moderator protem

Page 38

Aug 12, 1888

After Devine Service church met in conference. 1st opened door of church, received none. Minutes of last meeting was read and adopted by Bro J. C. Harvley, read a title to secure the Masons in their right to build a home over our church by motion of Bro. A. P. Douglas, it was resolved that the Deacons be authorized to assign said title. It was resolved to appoint deligates to the Association. Willie Howle, C. J. Homes, Henry Howle with J. C. Harveley & W. H. Brooks as alternatives by motion of Bro. C. J. Holmes. Conference adjourned.

Rev. J. J. Getsinger, moderator
H. T. Burnett, C. C.

Page 40

Sept 7, 1889

Church met in conference. Opened the doors of the church, rec. Bro. G. W. Hamilton by letter. Received Tommie Jennings by experience. Bro. J. C. Harvley ask for a letter of dismission for Sister Florence Quarles, granted. Bro. C. J. Holmes ask for a letter for Bro. J. B. Nelson, granted. Bro. J. K. Harveley reported to the church that he had been in disorder and ask to be forgiven, his request was granted. Bro. W. H. Brooks made a similar statement and was forgiven. Bros. Brooks & Harveley ask the prayers of the church in their behalf. The following com- was appointed to take subscription to paint the church. Bros. P. R. Wates, J. T. Reese, G. W. Hamilton & W. H. Brooks. The following deligates were appointed to the next union meeting, G. W. Hamilton, W. H. Brooks & J. K. Harvley.
On motion, Conf. adj.
P. R. Wates, C. C. Rev. A. G. Collier, Mod.

Sept 14, 1889

Church met in call conference to call a pastor. Bro. J. C. Harvey acted as moderator. Called Bro. A. G. Collier to serve the church next year. Conf. adj.

Oct 12, 1889

Church met in conference. Opened the doors of the church, received Bro. J. M. Holson and wife, Mary Holson, A. V. Bussey & G. P. Moore by letter and Mary Gulledge by experience. Read and adopted last meeting's minutes…

Unnumbered page

Modoc Baptist Church April 12, 1890

After divine service the door of the church was opened received none. Church then went into conference, minutes of last meeting was read and approved.

The case of Bro. C. J. Holmes being the first business, Bro. W. H. Brooks request the moderator to absent himself for new minutes until the committee reported. Bro. J. C. Harvley was called to the chair. Bro. G. W. Crawford made the following report. He said, "I went to see Bro Holmes, who said he had nothing against any member of the church, but he had no confidence in our Pastor (Bro. A. G. Collier)."

Bro. J. C. Harvley said that Bro. Homes had about the same talk to him at the Union meeting at Clarks Hill. Bro. J. C. Harvley who was acting as moderate then asked what we should do with the case.

Bro. Thos Howl moved that another committee be appoint to see Bro Holmes and request that he meet with us at our next conference and show cause why he does not come to church.

Your Clerk moved that the report of the committee be received and dismissed and said that experience had taught him that our Saviour meant just what he said "where two or three should agree as asking any one thing he would grant it," and he therefore request not only two or three but the whole church to make Bro. Holmes a subject of prayer for the next month, and so strong is my belief in prayer that I believe if Bro Holmes does not come to church the fault is with him and not with us. Bro. A. G. Collier then returned and taking the chair. When Bro. J. C. Harvley moved that the church join in prayer right then for Bro. Holmes, and our pastor lead in the pray and we all join him, where our Pastor offered a ferverent earnest prayer in behalf of our erring Bro. Your Clerk reported that he had again done wrong to the church & offended God, but had prayed to God and believed that the Master had forgiven him and begged the church to forgive him and request the church to pray for him. He was forgiven.
Conference adjourned. A. G. Collier, moderator
G. W. Hamilton, C. C.

In conference of a Sunday School picnic at this place on Saturday before the second Sunday in May. G. W. Hamilton, C. C.

Modoc June 7, 1890.

After devine services the door of the church was opened for the reception of members, received none.

Bro. Holmes case being the only unfinished business, Bro. W. H. Brooks said that either Bro. Holmes or the Church were wrong and he suggested that we get right. Bro. J. C. Harvley said he thought as Bro. Brooks and compared the case to a vine.

Bro. H. T. Jennings moved that we withdraw fellowship from C. J. Holmes, seconded by Bro. J. C. Harvley. The motion was carried, and C. J. Holmes expelled.

Conference adjourned.
A. G. Collier, Moderator
G. W. Hamilton, C.C.

Modoc, July 12, 1890.

After devine service the door of the church was opened for the reception of members, received none.

The minutes of the last conference was read and confirmed.

Bro. J. C. Harvley arose, and after addressing himself feelingly to the church; said he did not believe there was any better means of drawing men to Christ than that of gentle discipline, and moved that a committee be appointed…

Modoc, S.C. Feb 14, 1892

After divine service the church met in conference. The door of the church was opened for the reception of members, received none. The first business was the report of the finance committee. Moved and seconded that committee be continued, also J. C. Robertson be added to that committee in Brother Brooks place. Next the report of the committee who was to see the members that is out of order. Brother Reese stated that he had bin out of order and said that he was sorry that he had disobeyed the rules of the church and asked the church to forgive him. His request was granted. Brother Shumate said that he talked to Sister Lizzie Brooks [wife of William H Brooks…srb] & Sister Maggie Howle [Margaret Jane Brooks who married Thomas D. Howle…srb] and they said that they was not sorry that they danced. Moved and seconded that their case be continued until next meeting. Brother Douglas and Brother Willie Howle requested their names to be taken off of the church books. The church granted their request. Brother Harvley said that Brother Tommie Jennings and Brother Charley Crofford requested their names to be taken off of the church books. Their request was granted also. Brother Shumate said that he saw Brother Coleman and talked to him about being out of order. Brother Coleman said that he was not sorry for what he had done. His case was put off until next meeting. Brother G. W. Crofford said that he talked to Brother Winchester McDaniel and he said that he would come to the church the next meeting but he failed to come. His case was put off until next meeting.
Moved & seconded conference adjourned.
Rev. G. H. Burton, Moderator

Modoc, March 12, 1892

After divine services the church met in conference the door of the church was opened for the reception of members. Received none. The business report of the finance committee, they collected $5.00. The next report of the committee to see the members out of order reported they had seen none of them. The committee continued. Brother Coleman [Hezekiah Coleman, brother of Frances W. Coleman Brooks…srb] asked the church to forgive him, his request was granted. Brother Reese said that he saw Brother Jeff Shelton and he said that he would come to church and attend to his case. Sister Brooks and Sister Howle's case continued and the clerk to rite to them. Brother Chadwick and…

…May 8, 1892

…was opened for the reception of members, received none. Brother Harvley made a report of the finance committee he said that we were due two dollars and ten cents and Brother J. M. Holson paid one, left the church due $1.10. Brother G. W. Hamilton failed to pay the dollar he promised. Brother Crofford reported that Brother W. McDaniels wanted his name taken off of the church books, but his wife wanted him to remain in the church. By motion his case was continued until the next conference and a committee to see again. Sister Maggie Howle and Sister Lizzie Brooks asked the church to forgive them for disobeying the rules of the church, their request was granted. Delegate…

Modoc Baptist Church, Saderday, Oct 8, 1892

Church met in regular conference after divine service the door of church was opened for reception of members, rec'd none. Minutes of last meeting readed and adopted being no unfinished business, Knew business was called for. By motion with second the chair appointed the following Brothering as deligates to the Union meeting, Bro. W. H. Bussey, J. W. Brooks, J. W. Shumate. By motion, W. H. Bussey was appointed as a committee to assist the deacons in collecting the Pastors salary.

Bro, G. H. Burden, Mod

Sunday June 18th 1893

After divine service the church meet in conference for the purpose of electing more deacons and Bro. Was. Hamilton, Bro J. W. Brooks, Bro N. Chadwick was elected. Bro Bussey stated that Sister Lou Jennings had violated the rules of church by dancing, it was moved that a commity be appointed to see her. The chair appointed Bro Bussey and Bro Hamilton to wait on her. Then the case of sister Ann and Eliza Holms was taken up and Bro Hamilton moved that the church withdraw fellowship for them, was carred there being no further business, conference adjourned.
Bro G. H. Burton, mod
J. T. Reese, CC

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