Sunday, May 27, 2012

To the Americans in my family history who have preserved my freedoms:

This post is dedicated to those members of my family living and deceased who have entered the military ensure freedom for all Americans.

Currently in the Air Force:
John McNary
Stephen McNary

Persian Gulf War:
Greyson Hackett

Vietnam War:
Stephen H. Hackett
Randy McNary

Korean War:
James Warren Brooks (d. 2010)
Roy Minter Brooks (d. 1993)
Orla A.Tellis, Jr.

World War II:
John Davis (d. 1945)
Rowland Brooks (d. 1978)
Milton Hackett (d. 1957)
Arnold Hackett (d. 1950)
Howard Wyatt Heywood (d. 1997)

World War I:
Roy Brooks (d.1971)
Herbert Brooks (d. 1923)
Rowland Brooks (d. 1978)
Hobson D. Brooks (d. 1963)

Spannish American War:
Arthur Heywood

American  Civil War:
LaFrancis Hackett (d. 1920)
Rudolphus Sabin
Archibald McNeall
James Smith (d. 1863)