Sunday, May 27, 2012

To the Americans in my family history who have preserved my freedoms:

This post is dedicated to those members of my family living and deceased who have entered the military ensure freedom for all Americans.

Currently in the Air Force:
John McNary
Stephen McNary

Persian Gulf War:
Greyson Hackett

Vietnam War:
Stephen H. Hackett
Randy McNary

Korean War:
James Warren Brooks (d. 2010)
Roy Minter Brooks (d. 1993)
Orla A.Tellis, Jr.

World War II:
John Davis (d. 1945)
Rowland Brooks (d. 1978)
Milton Hackett (d. 1957)
Arnold Hackett (d. 1950)
Howard Wyatt Heywood (d. 1997)

World War I:
Roy Brooks (d.1971)
Herbert Brooks (d. 1923)
Rowland Brooks (d. 1978)
Hobson D. Brooks (d. 1963)

Spannish American War:
Arthur Heywood

American  Civil War:
LaFrancis Hackett (d. 1920)
Rudolphus Sabin
Archibald McNeall
James Smith (d. 1863)

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Karen said...

My name is Karen. While I was doing some genealogy searching of my own, I came across your blog. As I read through your postings, I came across some information that was very interesting which I would like to inquire further with you. In your September 7, 2011 posting, you talked about your grandmother’s side of the family the Minters who were from Jakin, Georgia. That caught my attention because my family is from that area. As I read further, I noticed you had a posting on August 4, 2011 which dealt with slavery. You listed that the estate of Atticus Tucker owned slaves. I was wondering did he own these slaves in Jakin or somewhere around this area? I saw a name on the list ( Andrew), which is the same as my great-great grandfather. I’m wondering if there is a connection. You can reach me by email at Looking forward to hearing from you either way. Thanks.