Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My grandmother, Eva Ruth Minter (15 March 1898 - 13 March 1984)

Ruth Minter, 1906, Jakin, Ga., School

Ruth Minter, 1909, Jakin School

Ruth Minter, 1910-1920

Ruth Minter, 1920s

Eva Ruth Minter, mid-1920s

Ruth Minter Brooks with sons, Roy (l), and James (r), late 1930s

Ruth Minter Brooks, prior to 1950

Ruth Minter Brooks with son, James Warren Brooks, 1954, Elmodel, Ga.

Ruth and Roy Brooks, Elmodel, Georgia, 1969.

Roy, Ruth, Judy, and James Brooks, Lum, Michigan, 1971

My grandmother Ruth's, officially called "Eva Ruth Minter," life in photos.

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