Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From John Minter (Ireland) to me...

John Milton Minter and Cynthia McLean

front row: Berrien C. Minter (holding grandson John B. Minter), Cynthia McLean Minter
back row: Charyln Minter (mother of J. B. Minter), Vesta Adel O'Neal Minter

l-r: Eva Ruth Minter Brooks, Hattie Maud Minter, Kitty Minter Davis, Vesta Adel Minter, daughters of Berrien C. Minter and Leila Adel O'Neal.

My Minter ancestry begins and ends with John Minter (b. abt 1799 - d.aft 1826) He may have had a middle name that began with an M. Perhaps it was "Milton" as was his son's middle name, John Milton Minter (1825-1897)

Family lore has John Minter coming to Georgia in the 1820. An aunt of my father, (Vesta Adel Minter (1886-1984) told my father that John Minter came to Georgia from Ireland via way of Virginia. From the recollections of Aunt Vesta's cousin, Dot Harvey (also a descendant of John Minter, immigrant) described in Jo Webb's (also a cousin of my Aunt Vesta through the Porters I think) book, "Linkage" on page 211, "John Minter, a skilled millwright, came direct from Dublin, Ireland, through Virginia and Baldwin County, Georgia, to become one of the early settlers of Early County, Georgia. He is said to have been about ninteen or twenty years old at the time.

"He married about 1820 Elizabeth Porter, daughter of Frederick Porter, also one of the first settlers of that county. Their son, Constantine Alonza Minter, was said to have been the first white child born in Early County.

"The John Minters lived for short periods of time on rivers of Southeast Alabama, northwest Florida, and southwest Georgia, where millwright Minter would build mills. Later they settled on the Sewanee River in Florida. The family was sickly there - no doubt due to malaria from mosquitoes. Finally the mother was persuaded by her relatives to return to Porter's Ferry (Early County Ga.) to live. This she did to save the life of one of her two small children. At this time she and her husband were given by her father, Frederick Porter, the first mill which he, John Minter, has built in America.

"Their children were: Patience Louise Minter, Constantine Alonza Minter, John Milton Minter, and Elizabeth B. Minter. The youngest daughter, Elizabeth, died before she was grown.

"John Minter did not live many years. While working on a mill he became overheated. He accidentally dropped a tool into the cold water. As was his custom, he dived immediately for it. The exposure of two extremes of body temperatures cause pnewumonia and his death."

Elizabeth Porterr Minter never married again.

My descent from John Minter

John Minter (1799-1826), married Elizabeth "Betsy" Porter (1801-1866)
John Milton Minter (1825-1897), m. Cynthia McLean (1831-1930)
Berrien Constantine Minter (1862-1943), married Leila Adel O'Neal (1870-1949)
Eva Ruth Minter (1898-1985), m. Roy Brooks (1893-1971)
James Warren Brooks (1931-2010), m. Judith Leola Hackett (b. 1933)
Sarah Ruth Brooks (b. 1961)


Catherine Harris said...

Hi -- My gg-grandfather also fought in 29th Battalion Cavalry, Co. B. His uncle married a daughter of Joshua and Martha Hollinger McDonald. Patience Ann McDonald m. Joel Little Porter, Elizabeth Porter's brother. John McPherson Berrien McDonald's grave is in the same cemetery with Patience Ann McDonald Porter's. Thank you for your site as we learn more about our people.

Tom Caulley said...


My wife's mother, Frances Adele "Dell" Minter Schroeder just died at age 92. She was the youngest of Dr. M. M. Minter and his wife, Eva Kathryn Funderburk Minter. I'm glad to find your blog as it has some links I want to explore. Also, I am in the process of trying to convince Milton Minter, great grandson of John M Minter & grandson of Dr. M. M. minter, to do a Y-DNA test to see if that can give us any clues.

shackettb said...

Hi cousin Tom, please keep me informed on the Minter Y-DNA! If you have information you would like to share I'd be glad to share our lineage.


The Cottage Look said...

My name is Suzi Ufland. I am Kitty Minters' Davis' granddaughter. Her name was Bertha Constance. Just thought you'd like to know.

My mother was Eugenia Davis Wadsworth, Kitty's only daughter. Kitty also had four sons. John, Phillip, Glen and Edwin. I hope this fills in some gaps.

Thank you for the photos. I had none of her.

Connie Williams said...

I am the granddaughter of Branson C Minter, the youngest son of Berrien and Cynthia Minter, named after Constantine and Bertha Constance "Memaw". I have very fond childhood memories of Aunt Ves, Hattie Maude, and Memaw. Hattie and Memaw lived with me for a few years and it was like having two big sisters they just happened to be 80 years older than me. I cherish those memories. I don't remember much about Aunt Ruth other than the wonderful stories. Thank you for sharing this glimpse into the past. It is a blessing to connect with those we came from that helped us become who we are.