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On the Warner line - the Canfields

This post is not really about the Warners, but with an ancestral line of the Warners, The Canfield/Camfields.

My Warner line from Samuel Warner (1813-1905?) through his mother, Lovina Burk(e) is divided into two lines, the Burke's whom I have posted on earlier, and the Canfields, (also known as Camfield). Lovina Burke's parents were Joseph Burke (b. Mass), Am. Rev. War veteran and Chloe Canfield (b. New Marlborough, Mass).

My lineage backwards,

Sarah Brooks, (13th gen.)
Judith Hackett, mother, (12th gen.)
Lyle Hackett, grandfather, (11th gen.)
Samuel Hackett, g grandfather, (10th gen.)
Susannah Warner, gg grandmother, (9th gen.)
Samuel Warner, ggg grandfather, (8th gen.)
Lovina Burke, gggg grandmother, (7th gen.)
Chloe Canfield/Camfield, ggggg grandmother, (6th gen.)
Joseph Canfield, gggggg grandfather b. 1743 and moved to Canada after Am. Rev. War (A Tory in my family history?!!), (5th gen.)
Samuel Canfield, ggggggg grandfather, (4th gen.)
Samuel Canfield, gggggggg grandfather, (3rd gen.)
Samuel Canfield ggggggggg grandfather, (2nd gen.)
Matthew Canfield, gggggggggg grandfather, (1st generation), immigrant from England, c. 1644.

Did you make the connection to my Canfield line via the Warners...if it's confusing to you, it's wacky genealogy to me also, meaning relearning a family history after 22 years of error, is not so easy a task.

The other day, at my job in the library, I assisted this library user looking for this book " A History Of Thomas Canfield And Of Matthew Camfield: With A Genealogy Of Their Descendants In New Jersey (1897)."

But the book was gone, some kind genealogist has stolen it from the library, may your family tree develop termites, until you bring back the book, you thief!

Both the library user and I were very disappointed not to find the book, she for her research, and myself, for the sheer audacity of some idiot stealing a free book that others can use...no one respects the concept of "free!"

But just shortly after this it dawned on me that the name Canfield was ringing a sound which took me sometime to hear. I have Canfield family too and I am descended from this Matthew Canfield in the book.

I think Matthew Canfield came here from England in the 1600s (maybe) and then had son, Samuel, who had son, Samuel, who again multiplied with a son called Samuel, bringing us into the 18th century.

This next part is a trifle hazy (not having touched this new part of my family history) but possibly the 3rd Samuel had Joseph Canfield who had a daughter, Chloe Canfield who married Joseph Burke around the time of the American Revolution and then onto Lovina Burke who married Chauncey/Chaucy Warner and thus my ggg grandfather Samuel Warner became, and he did his part with Amanda Reed, making Susannah Warner who met my Civil War hero gg grandfather, LaFrancis Elmer Hackett. There, I've linked most of the broken Warner lines and brought the Canfields up-to-date with me!

Another tidbit on the Canfields. Chloe Canfield's father, as mentioned above, moved to Canada (in Ontario some place). Does this mean that Joseph Canfield was a loyalist to Great Britain while his daughter married the patriot, Joseph Burke?

After the Revolution life was made very difficult for those Americans who had not supported Geo. Washington, the Continental Congress and other patriotic things. After the war thousands moved north to Canada, which was the closest British colonial province. The Loyalists were encouraged by the winners of the Revolution pack up their belongings and skedaddle north to Canada. It would be so cool to have a Tory in my family tree full of patriots. My father was descended from Johnny Rebs from the American Civil War, why not be descended from a Loyalist (aka Tory) in the American Revolution.

Here is a partial pedigree chart on Joseph Canfield (b. 1743 and moved to Canada) I swiped from Ancestry.com (I have not proven any of the links)

Here is Joseph Canfield's possible genealogy (swiped from Ancestry World Tree and not verified by myself).

Joseph Canfield, father of Chloe Canfield
Samuel Canfield, m. Mary Barnum
Samuel Canfield, m. Abigal Dean
Samuel Canfield, m. Elizabeth Merwin
Matthew Canfield, m. Sarah Treat
Gregory Camfield (1570-1635), m. Joan (in England now)
Rev. Richard Calmfield (d. 1595), m. Joan
John Calmfield (1490-1559), m. Isabelle

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