Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another piece of New news...LaFrancis Hackett

I'll leave off the exclamations to Batman, but this stuff is pretty good. Earlier today my cousin Laurie, descended from LaFrancis Hackett through his daughter Susie Hackett, found a missing link connection on LaFrancis Hackett's mother, Electa Sabin, showing something in writing that lists her as the daughter of Hannah Wood and Stephen Sabin. Of course we the descendants have known this all along, but finding it in print goes a fairly long way when you want to join a heritage society such as the Daughters of the American Revolution or the Mayflower Society.

I hope you pardon my omission on not listing until now the SAR: Sons of the American Revolution. As a female, I'm only interested in the heritage societies that have notoriety...

I'm drifting away from my important news...sorry about that. LaFrancis Elmer Hackett was married TWICE! After the death of my gg grandmother, Susannah Warner (1842-1912), LaFrancis married Jennie Breckenridge in Breckenridge in 1914. She was 10 years younger than my Union ancestor and died about a year after the Wedding.

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