Sunday, July 25, 2010

A long time passes

Holy Cow Batman! It's been ages since I posted here...October of last year! What's up with this, I'm sure that there are thousands of readers out there in cyber space dying to know the rest of my family tree. I wish I knew the rest of the story too.

The Hackett Line, meaning the Warner Line is really in turmoil. I hope to have it fixed, or straightened out some day soon.

Concerning the other side of my Ancestry, my father, James Warren Brooks, died on Sunday, 21 March, 2010. He suffered a brain disability for 13 long years and finally left his mortal burdens at 1:30pm. I was there and am so glad I could be with my father when he died. We are raised to be in denial about death...death is something we all will experience, but we never discuss it as it frightens the shit out of us.

Dad started declining just after he and Mother celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary on February 5, 2010. I was able to get to see him on the weekends leading up to 21 March 2010.
Dad was cheerful up to the very end, he endured pain, but the staff of the nursing home and hospice tried to soften the pain he experienced with medication, yet Dad didn't complain too much.

When Mom called me Sunday morning at 7:30am that last day of Dad's life, she told me to come if I could but not to rush. I took my time packing. I got to the nursing home at 10:30am and I saw Dad in extreme breathing distress. I am not sure that Dad knew that I was there, perhaps his spirit was already gone to Heaven, because his eyes never focused on my face when I would talk to him. I told Dad everything I could about Jesus and Heaven, things that my father had talked to me about when I was a child. I don't know if Dad heard me, but it comforted me to talk to Dad about our faith. I believe it helped me endure those three hours I was there leading up to the moment at 1:30pm when Dad died.

Well, enough about this and I need to get cracking posting on this family genealogy stuff.

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